The Baron’s Companions

The Baron’s Companions

The Baron himself is a tricksy sort – always off adventuring in the world, often in disguise!

Thus he leaves it to his wonderful time-travelling companions to tell tales of their adventures, both with and without the Baron, to the world at large.

Lord Lovell

Lord Lovell of Leytonstone is an idiot, a charming, scheming idiot who
cannot resist the lure of gambling. It is said he once ate a worm in
order to win a bet! It is his love of the gaming dens that led him to
meet the Baron, which in turn has led to him having a great many adventures.

Nigel Lovell is a stand up comedian and improviser. As well as being a
cast member in The Extraordinary Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron
Munchausen he is also the producer of the show. He is the creator,
curator and compere of cult Edinburgh fringe hit, “Worst Show on the
Fringe”; he runs a monthly professional comedy in London called “Oh So
Funny”; he is a twice finalist of the UK Pun Championships; and he did
once eat a worm for a bet.

Illustration by @b_a_bourgeois

Admiral Seaward

Admiral Seaward spends his life sailing the ocean and getting into all sorts of implausible scrapes. With a voice as booming as the cannons on his ships, his boundless enthusiasm is matched only by his propensity for getting shipwrecked…

William Seaward is an award-winning comedian and veteran of many excellent Edinburgh Fringe shows; notably Will Seaward’s Midnight Spooky Ghost Stories, which is very spooky and midnight indeed. He has too many accomplishments to list here or indeed to remember.

Illustration by @b_a_bourgeois

Apothecary Alice

Bloodthirsty to the bone, Apothecary Alice has a potion for every occasion. Whether it’ll make the situation better is, well, disputed.

Alice Moore is a wonderful human, and very good at finding excellent dresses in charity shops.

Illustration by @b_a_bourgeois

Countess Griffiths of Grantbrugge

Much like a vampire, can never move on until she’s finished counting everything in sight. Far too fond of both eels and terrible wordplay to be trusted. Never met a prop they couldn’t break.

Ellie Griffiths is an improviser who also performs with The Banana Hut Gang, and has past affiliations with the Cambridge Impronauts and their spin-off, Hivemind. Once played Kryten in a semi-official Red Dwarf production and won’t shut up about it.

Illustration by @b_a_bourgeois

Bilgewater Bond

Scourge of the Seven Seas, Bilgewater Bond hasn’t yet met a sea monster she couldn’t scare off with a shake of her cutlass. Brave to a fault, she thinks second and acts first.

Donna Bond is an accomplished stand-up and author, and also just very excellent indeed.

Illustration by @b_a_bourgeois

Lady Brooke

Lady Brooke of Brooklyn (and oh, that accent won’t let you forget it) is sly, cunning, and always has at least five or six tricks up her sleeve. Never play her at cards.

Aside from being a wonderful improviser, Brooke Bourgeois is also a regular cartooner for the New Yorker (as you may have noticed, she drew these portraits!) and appears on popular gaming channel No Rolls Barred.

Illustration by @b_a_bourgeois

Inspector Gordon

Inspector Gordon of the Yard is a tough and streetwise detective who goes after clues like a dog with a bone. Now, if only he could investigate having a fixed address…

Gordon Ridout is just as good at holding pigeons as this illustration suggests.

Illustration by @b_a_bourgeois

Lady Penelope Kennington

Lady Penelope is the world’s most foremost Zeppelin wrangler. They’d probably stay up in the air better if she’d just stop making them out of lead…

Jen Kenny is a talented improviser to be found teaching and playing all over the Midlands, and she is also just generally a delight.

Portrait to come!

Spaceman Sid

SPACE, SPACE!!! Hailing from the outer reaches of the cosmos, Spaceman Sid boldly goes where no other companion will dare. Probably because the other companions like breathing oxygen.

Sid Singh is a stand-up of much renown and many hilarious tales, to be found performing literally all over the world. When he’s not on stage, he’s making the rest of us look bad by being a human rights lawyer and doing good in the world. How dare he.

Portrait to come!


Jason Guest is a fabulous animator, as seen in our animated adventure featuring tigers and rugby players, oh my!

Portrait to come!