The Extraordinary
Time Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Extraordinary tales, elegantly told.
An award-winning improvised storytelling show for children of all ages.

The Extraordinary Time Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen is a family friendly, improvised, storytelling comedy show that is loved by children and adults alike.

There will be swords, and duels, and elephants and castles built of cheese, and all of it is completely and irrefutably true. 

Top award-winning comedians and improvisers tell extravagant stories all based on the Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

Praise for the Baron

“The Happiest Show in Edinburgh”
Broadway Baby (2022)

“A Must See”
One4Review (2022)

“I Defy You Not To Enjoy This Show”
Theatre & Arts Reviews (2019)

“The Whole Thing is a Blast!”
Fest Mag (2017)

…& more!

Latest from the Baron’s pen…

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